Professional Diploma in Enterprise Resource Planning

Programme content will be based upon tier 1 ERP system concepts like SAP and Oracle

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2 Months
රු 35,000.00


Safwan Mansoor
Hemaka Wijegunasekara
MBA | ACMA | CGMA | ACPM | BSc Business Admin (Sp.) USJP | MCP | MCTS



Everyone knows about ERP, but they may not realize that learning about and getting experience in ERP even before the organization heads in that direction can enhance professional stature and boost career possibilities.

Aging technology, new business strategies, cost pressures – the business world is changing every day. The pace is quickening and the organizations need to be more agile delivering the right information to the business to ensure they can stay competitive.

ERP has changed the nature of information systems and accounting functions. ERP systems are replacing major portions of most organizations’ software needs. This changes the basic nature of the information systems function from one where systems analysts and programmers are needed, to one where knowledge of existing software packages are now critical.

ERP has changed the nature of jobs in all functional areas. There is a huge demand for users or line-of-business personnel who also have professional level IT skills. But traditional IT types who know only about technology and nothing about the business are not needed now as they once were.

Many organizations are already using ERP in more innovative ways than ever before – and the benefits and potential of ERP technologies are increasing every day. So when it comes to the future of your business, the time to act is now.

At the end of the program the participants will:

  • Have a familiarization with the elements of the ERP practices.
  • Gain conceptual knowledge on business process alignment to ERP modules.
  • Learn the foundation to become an ERP User, Super User or Implementer.
  • Learn how to perform in modern business operation with ERP expertise.

Requirements for Award of Certificates

  • Attendance – All 32 Hours.
  • A score of 50 or above at the final exam.


  • English