The Best IT Team Structure to Support an Enterprise Transformation

Defining Your IT Team Structure When working with a multi-plant, multi-company ERP system, there are a large number of integration points between companies or locations. The amount of organizational change management that goes into altering the scope of the planned systems is substantial. Through the course of this article we defined the areas an IT […]

Costs to Consider During ERP Vendor Negotiations

Total cost of ownership = hardware costs + software costs + licensing fees + enterprise fees + maintenance fees, right? Wrong! The cost of an ERP system is more than you might think. Fortunately, avoiding unexpected costs is easier than you might think. By effectively negotiating with your ERP vendor, you can ensure that they […]

How To Avoid ERP Implementation Failure

ERP implementation is considered a difficult thing to get right. According to Gartner, approximately 75 percent of all ERP projects fail. This does not make good reading for any business about to embark on a project. Undoubtedly, selecting, designing and deploying the right solution for your business can be a difficult task, but not an […]

Five Facts You May Not Know About ERP Software

We’ve all heard stories about the challenges and risks of ERP implementations – the success stories, the failures, the advancements and a variety of other pros and cons. However, there are a handful of things you may not know about ERP software. Here are five in particular: 1. ERP systems don’t need to be unpredictable. […]

One Reason for IT Failure in the Public Sector

A common thread among many public sector ERP failures is the presence of a flawed RFP process. The flaw is this: public sector organizations issuing RFPs tend to attract low-quality bidders, and organizations are apt to accept these bids due to the allure of lower costs. Software vendors underbid proposals to win contracts, and they […]

To Cloud or Not to Cloud? That is the Question.

Most ERP vendors provide plenty of affordable options for organizations wanting to migrate to the cloud. In response, an increasing number of organizations are becoming open-minded when it comes to enterprise software deployment options and are finally considering cloud technology. While the cloud may be popular right now, you can’t allow industry hype to determine […]

Business Process Management 101

This may prove challenging, but I’m going to attempt to explain business process management in less than 500 words. So take your seat, pull out a pencil and hold onto your hat because this is going to be quite a ride. Business Process Management Defined Business process management is a holistic approach used to evaluate […]

Four Steps to Fighting Change Resistance

You know your organization needs to change. You just don’t know how to get your employees on board. While there’s no getting around the fact that people fear change, you don’t have to let it affect your ERP or digital transformation initiative. An organizational change management plan can alleviate fear of change associated with new […]